Microplate ELISA

Allercoat™ 6 ELISA

Placement of allergen rings into microplate wells
  • Determination of allergen-specific IgE in serum
  • Indication: identification of allergic reactions to more than 650 different allergens and allergen mixes
  • Singleplex measurement using 50 µl of undiluted serum per allergen
  • Quantitative evaluation using a 6-point-calibration (reference preparation 2 IRP75/502 from the WHO)
  • Allergens coupled to paper rings; individually configurable at customer side with EUROIMMUN Allercoat™ software
  • Detection and evaluation using a microplate reader combined with the EUROIMMUN Allercoat™ Software
  • Automatable with the EUROIMMUN Analyzer I und Analyzer I-2P

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Incubated Total IgE ELISA
  • Determination of total-IgE concentrations in serum
  • Indications: Differentiation between allergic and intrinsic asthma, between allergic and vasomotor rhinitis, and between atopic and seborrhoic dermatitis.
  • Microtiterplates coated with polyclonal anti-human IgE antibodies
  • Serum dilution 1:10 in 50 µL
  • Detection using a standard microplate reader
  • Quantitative evaluation using a 4-point calibration 
ProductOrder number
Total IgE ELISAEV 3840-9601 E