Our Mission

EUROIMMUN places great value on providing their customers objective, scientific, and commercially discreet advice. Proactive and specialised sales staff and experts in the company are there to assist the customers in the use of diagnostic products, devices and software and provide current information, for example as scientific publications and posters, instructions for use and marketing materials in different languages.

The internal research and cooperation with international research institutions enables EUROIMMUN to be in close contact with the scientific community. This allows to exploit the diagnostic benefit of latest scientific findings without time delays and to develop modern test systems for the customers.

However, the company cares not only about the satisfaction of the clients, but also of its employees. The atmosphere in the company is relaxed and friendly. EUROIMMUN is convinced that well-trained, motivated and healthy employees account for a large part of a company’s success. Therefore, the enterprise offers the employees much freedom and many special services. Independent working and trainings on a regular basis give the employees the change to develop both personally and professionally. New ideas and creative solutions for any problems are always welcome. Unlimited work contracts, flexible working times and the company-own childcare services (kindergarten and after-school club) help the employees to harmonise work and family life. To keep the employees healthy, motivated and in a good mood, there is an excellent choice of freshly-made meals in the restaurant and a broad range of company sports and leisure activities.

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