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Let’s change the perspective together! — ChLIA for allergy diagnostics

In allergy diagnostics, chemiluminescence immunoassays (ChLIA) contribute to quick and precise identification of sensitisations to allergens. They allow specific determination of IgE antibodies in the ...

Novel cell-based assay for autoantibody detection in demyelination

A novel cell-based immunofluorescence assay (CBA) provides sensitive and specific detection of IgM antibodies against myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG), as demonstrated in a study published in ...

Neurological symptoms: a diagnostic challenge

There is a huge variety of neurological diseases and it often takes specialists a long time to figure out the cause of a patient’s symptoms. Doctors regularly encounter patients with unspecific ...

Novel autoantibody against DAGLA discovered in cerebellitis

Diacylglycerol lipase alpha (DAGLA) has been identified as a novel autoantibody target in patients with rapid progressive cerebellar ataxia. The autoantibodies were characterised as part of a ...

Antibody testing reduces dengue vaccination risk

As the COVID-19 pandemic has recently demonstrated, vaccinations are one of the most important and effective preventive measures in medicine for the protection against an infectious disease. Dengue ...

Revvity’s EUROIMMUN and ALPCO-GeneProof Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand CE-IVD Molecular Assay Offerings

Revvity’s EUROIMMUN business, a leading provider of high-quality in-vitro diagnostic products, and ALPCO-GeneProof, a global leader in molecular diagnostics, jointly announced a strategic partnership ...

Our solutions for maximum blot efficiency!

With the introduction of the EUROMicroblots last year, we miniaturised our successful blot technology to the size of a microplate well to make processing even more efficient and to save resources.

Let’s embark on a new journey together!

Get started with us as a trusted partner on the way to a simple and reliable routine for your allergy diagnostics!
The (ChLIA) journey begins

The new generation of CSF ELISAs

CSF diagnostics means the analysis of the fluid that circulates in the brain and the bone marrow (liquor cerebrospinalis, cerebrospinal fluid). It is a valuable tool to detect acute or chronic ...

Reflecting on a decade of collaborating excellence: 10 years of neurology at Wieslab AB

A decade ago, an excellent collaboration began for the benefit of neurological diagnostics: Wieslab AB is celebrating its 10th anniversary in neurology ‒ together with EUROIMMUN. We wanted to know ...

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