Unique automation solution for the immunoblot work station

The EUROBlotOne is a compact tabletop device for complete processing of immunoblots. Following the fast and convenient software-guided loading, the system performs the identification and dilution of samples as well as all incubation and wash steps. Eight reagent channels allow the combination of tests from the areas of autoimmune and infection diagnostics in one run, as well as allergy in the same device. The incubated strips are then automatically dried, photographed and evaluated using the EUROLineScan software. The test requests or results can be communicated bidirectionally with an LIS or EUROLabOffice 4.0.

  • Fully automated system for the processing of up to 44 immunoblots in one run – from sample identification to the final result
  • Integrated drying unit for fast evaluation of strips and high reproducibility of results
  • Highest security through automatic barcode identification of samples
  • Flexible combination of autoimmune and infection parameters in one run and autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics on one device
  • Intuitive software for secure and convenient operation
  • Reliable automatedevaluation of blot strips with EUROLineScan software

  • Specifications

    Sample typesPlasma, serum and CSF
    Patient sample capacityup to 44
    Control positions4
    Test capacity44 strips
    Sample tubesOuter diameter 8 – 16 mm, height up to 100 mm
    Traceabilityintegrated barcode scanner for sample identification
    User interfaceMicrosoft ® Windows ® 10 Pro
    Online connectionbi-directional via EUROLineScan
    Dimensions (WxDxH)810 mm x 530 mm x 495 mm
    Weight40 kg

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Microwell Imager

Microwell Imager



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