Westernblot/EUROLINE-WB: secure differentiation of antibody results

High diagnostic value

Total time for analysis is around 115 minutes. All incubation steps are carried out at room temperature.

Automatable incubation:
with EUROBlotOne or EUROBlotMaster.

Precise evaluation:
The bands are identified by means of a lot-specific evaluation template provided with each test kit. Each electrophoresis gel has a unique lot number. Thus, mix-up between bands is prevented.

Each test kit comes with a positive blot strip from the same strip lot, which has been incubated with a reference serum. The incubation of a positive control serum can thus be omitted. The blot strips are  numbered to avoid mix-ups. No extra labelling is needed. Correct performance of the individual  incubation steps is indicated by staining of a control band on the lower end of the strip.

Positive und negative reactions can be distinguished from each other reliably and easily. The intensity of the bands generally correlates with the antibody titer.

Method of choice:
in cases in which positive results from a screening test (indirect immunofluorescence or microplate ELISA) need confirmation or differentiation.

EUROLINE-WB is a combination of Westernblot and line blot:
Proteins from a whole-antigen extract are separated by gel electrophoresis according to molecular mass and transferred onto a nitrocellulose membrane (Westernblot). Highly purified native or  recombinant antigens are then applied as lines to the Westernblot strips (EUROLINE membrane chips).

The EUROLineScan program developed by EUROIMMUN allows standardised evaluation of Westernblot-based test strips, easy data management and detailed documentation of results. First, the incubated Westernblot and EUROLINE-WB test strips are scanned by a flatbed scanner or photographed by a  camera system. EUROLineScan recognises the position of the strips, even if they have been placed inexactly, identifies the bands, and measures their intensity. Finally, the results are saved together  with the image data and a separate results sheet can be issued for each patient. EUROLineScan can  be integrated easily in EUROLabOffice or any other LIMS for optimal data communication.