EUROASSAY: line blots in chip format

Easy handling through incubation using the TITERPLANE Technique, reliable and simple evaluation:

Several patient samples
can be analysed next to each other and simultaneously on one slide.

Quick results:
The total time for analysis is 100 minutes. During washing the reagents are pipetted onto the reagent tray for the next incubation step. All incubation steps are carried out at room temperature. Shaking of  the slides and reagent tray on a rotary shaker provides optimal sensitivity.

Low consumption of reagents:
50 μl of diluted serum or reagent solution per application is sufficient.

At a glance:
Results are evaluated visually, thus there are no investment costs for photometers or similar devices. The antigen lines are located at precisely defined positions. Correct performance of the individual  incubation steps is indicated by staining of the control band. Positive and negative results can be  distinguished from each other reliably and easily. The intensity of bands generally correlates with the antibody titer.

The antigens used are purified antigens which are mostly isolated by affinity chromatography. The membrane strips do not contain any superfluous proteins that might lead to unspecific positive results.

Incubated EUROASSAY slides can be stored for long periods, with easy documentation of results.