EUROArray: DNA microarray test systems for diagnostics (IVD)

Simple test performance, correct results

EUROArrays are based on BIOCHIP technology:
Quality-controlled batch production of EUROArrays guarantees faultless arrays for exact and reliable diagnostics.

DNA isolation – quicker using the direct method:
Genomic DNA can be extracted with the direct method in a very time- and cost-saving manner. The  sample is simply mixed with two extraction reagents provided in the test kit and can then be used  directly in the PCR.

Ready-for-use PCR components:
All required reagents are contained in the test kit. No extra components must be purchased. The  minimised number of pipetting steps allows quick, efficient and error-free test performance.

EUROArray hybridisation – simple and robust:
The established TITERPLANE Technique allows standardised and simple hybridisation of PCR products with the EUROArray.

Fully automated, standardised evaluation, generation of results and archiving:
Incubated EUROArrays can be automatically evaluated in a very short time using the EUROArrayScan  evaluation system. Only around 5 seconds are required per sample. The evaluation is standardised  and correct – results are not dependent on subjective interpretation.

Integrated controls ensure correct test performance:
Many integrated controls ensure the correct test performance for each individual analysis and help to  monitor e.g. the sample quality, the rigour of the hybridisation reaction and the absence of cross  contamination.

Complete process validated in accordance with IVD directive and CE label:
From sample preparation to issueing of results – DNA extraction, test reagents, EUROArrays,  EUROArrayScan evaluation system – the complete process, including evaluation, is validated.

One platform for all applications:
Single-parameter, low-multiplex and high-multiplex analyses are reliable and precise with the EUROArray system.

LIMS connection available:
The EUROArrayScan software is equipped for simple import and export of data and test results.