EUROArray: DNA microarray test systems for diagnostics (IVD)

Sample preparation

  • DNA isolation: In order to investigate with a microarray if a patient‘s DNA contains particular sequences, the DNA must first be extracted from the patient‘s blood. This is performed, for example, using DNA isolation kits.


Amplification of patient DNA: polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

  • The sections of DNA to be investigated are amplified million-fold using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
  • Two starter DNA molecules (primers) define the region to be copied. If the patient DNA contains the corresponding section (target sequence), the primers bind and the target sequence is copied.
  • This reaction is repeated many times, so that the DNA region between the primers is considerably (exponentially) amplified.
  • The resulting PCR products are labelled with a fluorescent dye, which enables them to be detected subsequently by the microarray. If the target sequence is not present in the patient sample, the primers cannot bind and the DNA is not amplified.

Analysis of PCR products on the microarray: DNA microarray hybridisation

  • The PCR products are incubated with the Microarray.
  • They are first mixed with a hybridisation buffer, which provides optimal conditions for binding of the PCR products to the complementary probes on the microarray.
  • This binding is measured via the fluorescence signals emitted by the spots.

Advantages of the EUROArray System

  • Array platform based on proven BIOCHIP Technology.
  • Ready-to-use PCR components.
  • Simple procedure.
  • Standardised incubation using established TITERPLANE™ Technique.
  • Integrated control reactions ensure sensitivity and specificity for every test sample.
  • Fully automated standardised evaluation, interpretation and archiving of results (EUROArrayScan software).
  • No DNA isolation with EUROArray Direct: the analysis is performed directly from pretreated blood.
  • Complete process from receipt of samples to issuing of results is IVD-validated and CE-labelled (DNA extraction, test kits, microarray scanner, software).
  • Prepared for LIMS connection.

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