Intelligent pipetting – modular system for flexible and efficient liquid handling for IFT, ELISA and immunoblot applications

  • Flexible loading of the 45 tracks with patient samples, reagents and labware
  • Use of 1-10 needles according to application (e.g. 8 needles for ELISA and 10 needles for EUROIMMUN Titerplane)
  • Application-oriented racks for samples, reagents and labware (e.g. ELISA, IIFT, blot)
  • Simple starting of user-specific worklists by means of predefined hard- and software settings
  • Fast and complete recording of data for samples, reagents and accessories via integrated 2D barcode reader minimises hands-on time
  • One-time loading of samples for the processing of several worklists (e.g. screening and follow-up titrations for positive samples)
  • Visual presentation of all articles, and simple, screen-guided loading process
  • Complete, error-free acquisition and documentation of samples and reagents via matrix- and barcoding
  • Traceable allocation of analysis results to samples and reagents used
  • Control of functionality through special assay and corresponding evaluation modules