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EURORealTime Zika Virus

Evaluation with EURORealTime Analysis software
Evaluation with EURORealTime Analysis software

The Zika virus (ZIKV) is an Arbovirus of the Flaviviridae family and is characterised by a lipid membrane and a single-stranded RNA genome. It is usually transmitted by mosquitoes of the Aedes genus. The virus is usually not transmitted directly from human to human, although sexual transmission was reported.

A Zika virus infection is usually characterised by mild symptoms which resemble those of dengue or chikungunya fever. Pregnant women with Zika virus infections may transmit the virus to the foetus. This may lead to severe malformation of the brain and microcephalus in the newborn.

The EURORealTime Zika Virus test enables the highly specific and sensitive detection of Zika virus by means of reverse-transcription real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT real-time PCR). Reverse transcription of the ZIKV RNA in complementary DNA (cDNA) and the amplification and detection of ZIKV-cDNA are performed in one run. The test is suitable for early diagnosis of Zika virus infections and differentiation of infections with related viruses such as dengue and chikungunya which cause similar symptoms and are endemic in the same regions.

The analysis of raw data, evaluation, reporting and electronic archiving can be performed fully automatically with the EURORealTime-Analysis Software. Moreover, the software offers convenient guidance through the entire workflow and helps to avoid errors. The direct detection of Zika virus with EURORealTime and the EURORealTime-Analysis Software is extremely simple and does not require any in-depth molecular biological knowledge.

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