Antibodies against emerging viruses and other pathogens

Indirect immunofluorescence test

  • Over the past years it has been observed that a number of new viruses ("emerging" or "re-emerging viruses") and other pathogens has spread worldwide, introducing since then unknown diseases into previously unaffected regions.
  • EUROIMMUN offers a broad spectrum of indirect immunofluorescence tests for the detection of specific antibodies (see table).
  • Many of these substrates are available as single substrate with non-infected cells or as useful combinations (syndrome or geographically orientated) for the investigation of serum samples.
  • IgG absorption as preparatory step for the determination of specific antibodies of class IgM.
  • Cross reactions within the virus family, especially with Flaviviruses, should be taken into consideration since they may cause false-positive results. The infectious agent can be determined by titration of the sample and comparison of titers.
  PathogenDisease, syndromes
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)
TBE virus (TBEV)Tick-borne encephalitis
West Nile virus (WNV)West Nile fever, encephalitis
Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV)Japanese encephalitis
Yellow fever virus (YFV)Yellow fever, hepatitis, haemorrhagic fever, arthritis
Dengue virus (DENV, types 1-4)Dengue fever, haemorrhagic fever
Zika virus (ZIKV)Zika fever
Hantavirus (types HTNV, PUUV, SEOV, SAAV, DOBV, SNV, ANDV)HFRS (haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome); HCPS (Hantaviral cardiopulmonary syndrome) 
Sandfly fever virus (types SFSV, SFNV, TOSV, CYPV)Pappataci fever, meningitis, encephalitis
Rift valley fever virus (RVFV)Rift valley fever, haemorrhagic fever, hepatitis
Crimean-Congo fever virus (CCHFV-GPC and -N)Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever
Chikungunya virus (CHIKV)Chikungunya fever, arthritis
Sindbis virus (SINV)Sindbis fever

Microplate ELISA

  • Monospecific determination of antibodies.
  • Serum dilution 1: 101, conjugate class anti-human IgG or IgM, POD-labelled.
  • 1-point calibration, semiquantitative (IgM) or 3-point calibration, quantitative (IgG). Similar incubation conditions and times: All tests can be combined on one and the same microplate.
  • IgM test kit with IgG/RF absorbent in the sample buffer for IgG absorption as preparatory step for the determination of specific IgM antibodies.
  • Available single ELISA:
 ProductOrder number
Anti-WNV ELISA (IgG / IgM)EI 2662-9601 G / M, avidity
Anti-JEV ELISA (IgG / IgM)EI 2663-9601 G / M
Anti-Usutu Virus ELISA (IgG)EI 2667-9601 G
Anti-Dengue virus (DENV) type 1-4 ELISA (IgG / IgM) EI 266a-9601-1 G / M
Anti-Chikungunya Virus ELISA (IgG / IgM)EI 293a-9601 G / M
Anti-Mayaro Virus ELISA (IgG / IgM)EI 295c-9601 G / M
Anti-MERS coronavirus ELISA (IgG)EI 2604-9601 G
Anti-Zika Virus ELISA (IgA / IgG / IgM / IgAM)EI 2668-9601 A / G / M / Q


  • Early marker for acute infection with dengue viruses – positive laboratory results already at the first symptoms
  • Microplates are coated with monoclonal mouse anti-dengue virus NS1 (types 1, 2, 3 and 4) antibodies
  • Serum dilution1:2
  • Incubation conditions: 60 min at 37°C / 60 min at 37°C / 15 min RT
  • 3-point calibration, quantitative evaluation; positive control and negative control included in test kit
  • Sample buffer contains HAMA blocker, to avoid HAMA-positive results
 ProductOrder number
Dengue Virus NS1 (types 1-4) ELISAEQ 266a-9601-1

EUROLINE: Hantavirus Profile Global

Incubated EUROLINE Hantavirus Profile Global.
  • Determination of human antibodies against different hantavirus serotypes for the serological diagnosis of hantavirus infections.
  • Indication: worldwide distributed infections with hantaviruses.
  • Serum dilution 1 : 101, conjugate class anti-human IgG or IgM, AP-labelled.
  • Six different hantavirus serotypes can be differentiated with the EUROLINE Hantavirus Profile Global: Puumala (PUUV), Dobrava (DOBV), Hantaan (HTNV), Seoul (SEOV), Sin Nombre (SNV) and Andes (ANDV).
  • Affinity purified nucleocapsid antigen from six hantavirus serotypes.
  • The incubation and evaluation of the test strips can be automated using the EUROBlotMaster, EUROBlotOne, and EUROLineScan systems. The test can also be processed using other commercially available blot automation systems.
  • The EUROLineScan programme evaluates the signal intensities and provides assistance in determining which hantavirus serotype is the most likely cause of infection.
ProductOrder number
EUROLINE Hantavirus Profile Global (IgG / IgM) DN 278h-2 G / M
EUROLINE Hantavirus Profile 1DN 278h-1 G / M