Immunity determination

ELISA for immunity determination

EUROIMMUN offers a comprehensive range of ELISAs for serological monitoring of vaccination responses or clarification of the immune status. The ELISAs are characterised by the following features:

  • Detailed standard curve for high measurement accuracy 
  • Reliable detection even of weak antibody titers
  • Quantification in international units (rubella, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, VZV) or Vienna units (TBE)
  • Optimal control of vaccine responses through use of vaccination antigens (TBE, mumps)
  • Fully automatable on EUROIMMUN Analyzer I and Analyzer I-2P

ProductOrder number
Anti-Diphtheria Toxoid ELISA (IgG) EI 2040-9601 G
Anti-TBE Virus ELISA (IgG)EI 2661-9601-9 G
Anti-Measles Virus ELISA (IgG)EI 2610-9601 G
Anti-Mumps Virus ELISA (IgG)EI 2630-9601-3 G
Anti-Rubella Virus ELISA (IgG)EI 2590-9601 G
Anti-Tetanus Toxoid ELISA (IgG)EI 2060-9601 G
Anti-Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) ELISA (IgG)EI 2650-9601 G