Preanalytics in dementia diagnostics

Identifying external influencing factors, optimising workflows

The analysis of biomarkers in CSF has in recent years become an important component of Alzheimer's disease diagnostics. In particular, beta-amyloids in CSF are considered excellent biomarkers for amyloid pathology, and their relevance is emphasised in diagnostic guidelines.

Beta-amyloids are, however, subject to preanalytical influences. To understand and recognise these is essential since only careful realisation of each work step from lumbar puncture to CSF analysis can ensure high-quality and thus reliable analysis results.

In the last two decades intensive research has resulted in considerable advances in the understanding of preanalytical impact factors, and the number of published research papers is growing rapidly.

This brochure serves as a compendium for clinicians and laboratory doctors, providing an overview of the current status of preanalytics in Alzheimer's diagnostics. It also includes further information such as diagnostic guidelines, practical working steps in the laboratory and multiparameter interpretation of results. The most important pitfalls in CSF-based dementia diagnostics are explained in detail. Using concrete examples from representative studies, the effects of different laboratory practices on the measured beta-amyloid concentrations are demonstrated.


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