When precision is needed: Antibody detection using ELISA provides quantitative results.

Optimised for fully automated processing

Simple handling:

  • Break-off microplate wells
  • Ready-to-use reagents (no mixing or diluting necessary)
  • Bar- and colour-coded reagents, largely exchangeable between different lots and between different parameters
  • Standardised incubation conditions for the majority of parameters

RF absorbent
included in sample buffer (IgM tests) – no extra costs

Incubation protocols
for all tests integrated in EUROIMMUN Analyzers: no additional programming necessary

Comprehensive validation
of test systems for EUROIMMUN Analyzers in accordance with directive 98/79/EC and on the basis of EN ISO 13485:2003

Detailed validation documents
available for virtually all parameters

Over 800 parameters

    all test systems from one manufacturer:

  • > 70 autoantibody parameters
  • > 120 infectious parameters
  • > 650 allergy parameters