EUROIMMUN ChLIA: Random access with chemiluminescence immunoassays

Immunoassays for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics and antigen detection

Bead technology:
Antigens are immobilised on the surface of magnetic particles. The detection of the immunological reaction between antigen and specific antibodies in patient serum is based on a  chemical reaction which leads to a quantitative emission of light, the so-called chemiluminescence.

Fast analyses:
The ChLIA technology allows even shorter reaction times compared to  immunoenzymatic methods, so that the total duration of the analysis amounts to less than 30 minutes.

Optimised for fully automated processing:
The patient samples can be processed fully automatically, from pipetting to result evaluation – also in connection with a sample line.

Simple and safe handling:
Ready-for-use reagent cartridges and calibrators and automated transmission of quality control data via RFID chips enable error-free and quick loading with little manual effort.

Efficient workflows:
Optimal processing on random access instruments, with continuous loading of samples and processing of emergency (STAT) samples. EUROIMMUN ChLIA tests enable quantification of test results based on a calibration curve which is stable over several weeks, so that capacities and reagents are saved.

Broad dynamic analysis range:
Owing to the high signal intensity at high sensitivity and specificity, the EUROIMMUN ChLIA tests allow quantification of antibodies from very low to very high concentrations based on the saved calibration curve.