Fast and reliable detection of dermatomycosis pathogens

Worldwide, 20 to 25% of the population are affected by dermatomycoses. The disease manifests with reddened, scaly, burning and, particularly, itchy skin and often requires long-term treatment.

Dermatomycoses are mostly caused by dermatophytes. In rarer cases, they are caused by yeasts and moulds. In approx. 70% of fungal infections, the pathogens are transmitted from human to human. Also animals and the soil are potential, if less frequent, infection sources.

The classic detection methods for fungal infections are microscopic examination of infected tissue (skin, nail, etc.) and culture. Microscopy can help to determine whether an infection is present or not, but the pathogens cannot be identified by means of this method. Culture, however, allows pathogen identification, but is linked to very long waiting times of 2 to 6 weeks.

The pathogen species can be decisive for early start and selection of the correct treatment. Moreover, knowledge of the species allows drawing conclusions on the source of infection or the vector so that reinfection can be prevented.

In order to identify the most important causative agents of fungal skin infection within short time, EUROIMMUN now is now offering the EUROArray Dermatomycosis. This test includes the following features:

  • Most comprehensive test worldwide
  • Detection and differentiation of the main pathogens of dermatomycosis in one reaction
  • Results in less than 24 hours
  • Specific identification of mixed infections with yeasts and moulds
  • High sensitivity even after start of therapy
  • Quick detection of dermatophytes that are difficult to culture
  • Increased therapy success through early and pathogen-specific treatment
  • Differential diagnosis from other dermatoses.
  • Simple test performance, no special knowledge required
  • Fully automated and standardised evaluation, interpretation and archiving of results

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