EURORealTime: Direct detection of infectious agents using real-time PCR (IVD)

Simple performance and evaluation with highest result reliability

Fully automated, standardised evaluation, reporting and documentation:
The EURORealTime Analysis Software provides fast, fully automated and objective evaluation of all raw data, including all internal and external controls. Subjective definitions of cut-offs or calculations for the quantification of pathogens are not required.

Convenient guidance through the entire procedure:
Pipetting schemes which are automatically generated by the EURORealTime Analysis Software help to prevent mistakes.

Specific detection of infectious pathogens by Real-Time PCR:
Pathogen-specific primers and probes guarantee exact and reliable direct detection of infectious  pathogens based on their gene sequence (DNA/RNA). In addition to the purely qualitative  determination, also pathogen quantification in the raw material is possible in selected parameters.

Complete determination in one reaction vessel also for RNA viruses:
With viruses with RNA genome, the required reverse transcription and the real-time PCR detection take place in the same preparation.

Minimised number of pipetting steps owing to ready-for-use PCR components:
All required reagents are included, no extra components must be purchased.

Integrated controls ensure the reliability of the results:
Inhibition and extraction controls to check the efficiency of the nucleic acid isolation and PCR in every  preparation and external positive and negative controls to confirm the validity of the entire run.

Complete procedure validated according to IVD directive, CE-labelled:
All steps of the procedure and evaluation are validated (test reagents, EURORealTime Analysis Software).

Prepared LIMS connectivity:
The EURORealTime Analysis Software is set up for simple import and export of data and test results.