EUROIMMUN radioimmoassays (RIA/IRMA)

Radioimmunoassays (RIA/IRMA) from EUROIMMUN are robust and reliable

Fast, simplified test performance
with short incubation times, few wash steps and mostly ready-for-use reagents.

Highly specific
through use of optimal antigens and highly suited, established antibodies.

Secure quality management
supplied controls (including kit-specific reference range) for evaluation of the test.

Large measurement ranges
dwith very good calibration reduces the need for repeat measurements with other sample dilutions and increases result retrieval.

Comprehensive range of separation methods:
coated tubes (CT), precipitation (P), magnetic separation (MS), polyethylene glycol precipitation (PEG).

Excellent correlation
with comparable test systems using the same analytical specifications.

Connection of the gamma counter to the laboratory management system EUROLabOfffice simplifies the daily laboratory routine:

  • Comprehensive data processing and communication with practice software
  • Creation of all work protocols with a mouse click
  • Use of automated protocols
  • Simple generation and archiving of result reports