Performance and evaluation

Performance and evaluation of the EUROArray test

Simple, uncomplicated and effortless

  • All PCR reagents supplied in EUROArray kits are ready for use, including the DNA polymerase and the validated specific primers. Thus, the number of pipetting steps is reduced to a minimum and laborious optimisation processes are eliminated.
  • The PCR works reliably with minimal effort: the ready-for-use PCR reagents are simply combined, and the DNA is then added to this master mix.
  • The DNA microarray hybridisation is performed under exact, standardised conditions using the proven TITERPLANE Technique. This procedure is simple and reliable. The samples (PCR products + hybridisation buffer) are pipetted onto the reaction fields of a reagent tray. The slides are then placed into the recesses of the reagent tray, whereby all BIOCHIPs come into contact with the liquids simultaneously. Thanks to the hydrophobic surroundings, the fluid drops remain stable on the hydrophilic reaction fields during the incubation and do not run into one another.
  • After a one-hour incubation period in the hybridisation station, the EUROArray slides are washed: 10 slides are processed in just 5 minutes and can then be evaluated.

Fully automated standardised evaluation delivers fast and reliable results

  • With the EUROIMMUN Microarray Scanner and EUROArrayScan software, EUROArrays are evaluated easily, quickly and objectively without the need to study complicated manuals.
  • EUROArrayScan software can be integrated into EUROLabOffice and other laboratory information management systems (LIMS) without any difficulties.
  • At the start of each run, the data for the samples to be examined are entered and are then transferred automatically into the working list by the software.
  • After the incubated slides have been placed into the microarray scanner, the scanning procedure is initiated simply by a mouse click.
  • EUROArrayScan software evaluates all data fully automatically, produces a report and documents and archives all results. 
  • Results for a EUROArray slide (up to five samples) are obtained in less than 20 seconds!

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