Antibodies against enteroviruses


Antibodies against ECHO virus type 7, positive reaction (left) and negative reaction (right)
  • Substrate: cells infected with coxsackievirus types A7 or B1 or echovirus type 7
  • Antibodies against enteroviruses react with the infected cells of the test substrate. They produce a granular, predominantly cytoplasmic fluorescence. A portion of the cells in the field of view is not infected and shows no fluorescence.
  • Enteroviruses are morphologically and immunologically closely related, therefore cross reactions can occur. With this mosaic all antibodies against enteroviruses (coxsackie and echo) can be detected.


ProductOrder number
Anti-Enterovirus Mosaic 1FI 2730-5 A / G / M


  • Based on cross-reacting, recombinant VP1 antigens of echovirus and coxsackievirus
  • Consistent antigen composition compared to lysate-based tests
  • Ideally suited for specific antibody detection and a useful supplement to direct pathogen detection for the diagnosis of enterovirus infections
  • A positive IgM and/or IgA result together with a significant IgG titer increase in a follow-up sample is a clear indicator of an acute or recent enterovirus infection
  • Serum dilution 1 : 101; conjugate class anti-human IgA, IgG or IgM, POD-labelled

ProductOrder number
Anti-Enterovirus ELISA  EI 2730-1 A / G / M