RA Analyzer 10

Autoimmune and infection parameters as well as antigen detection on one device

The EUROIMMUN random access instrument RA Analyzer 10 offers a compact automation solution for autoimmune and infection parameters as well as antigen detection on the basis of chemiluminescence assays (ChLIA). The test- and lot-specific information, including stored standard curves, are imported into the database by means of an RFID code on the reagent cartridge. This enables error-free and convenient loading as well as efficient and secure evaluation of tests. The system status can be viewed at any time in the intuitive, user-friendly software.

The continuous loading of samples – also as part of a testing line – allows every patient sample to be processed with miminal effort and short reaction times as a single determination. In addition, the preferred processing of emergency (STAT) samples gives laboratories with different requirements and sample volumes unparalleled flexibility in their laboratory routine.

  • Random access instrument for batch, continuous and STAT loading
  • Miminal calibration requirement owing to stored master curves
  • Connection to a testing line possible
  • Autoimmune and infection parameters and antigen detection on one instrument
  • Short reaction times with EUROIMMUN tests for fast and reliable results in just 25 minutes
  • High throughput of up to 85 samples per hour
  • Convenient and reliable operation due to barcode recognition of samples and RFID codes on the reagent cartridges

  • Specifications

    Sample capacity60
    Sample identificationautomatic barcode registration during loading
    Processing of samplesOn-board dilution and pretreatment, STAT samples available in all positions
    Parameter capacity10
    Time to first result~25 min
    Throughput~85 tests per hour
    Online connectionASTM interface, bi-directional
    Dimensions (WxDxH)1040 mm x 680 mm x 605 mm
    Weight81 kg

  • Files

Panagiotis Grypiotis, PhD

Product Manager

RA Analyzer 10

RA Analyzer 10

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