Blood collection set

The blood collection set is a sample collection and shipment set for dried capillary blood samples for use in suitable in vitro diagnostic tests.

! Please read the instructions for use carefully. The blood sample must only be taken in accordance with the instructions, notes and precautions.

  • Where exactly should the lancet be inserted into the fingertip?

    Ideally, the sample should not be taken from the centre of the fingertip, but from a puncture site on the lateral fingertip.

  • What should be done if not enough blood could be taken with the first lancet?

    With the provided second lancet, further capillary blood can be obtained from another finger. To stimulate the patient's blood circulation, the patient should again hold the corresponding hand under warm water for a longer period of time. The disinfected finger should rest firmly on a stable surface, such as a table. This is the only way to ensure that the lancet penetrates deep enough. Larger droplets of blood will form if the finger is massaged towards the puncture site after the puncture.

  • Have the circles been filled correctly?

    The circles must be filled up to the border if possible, but at least two thirds full!

    Check the back of the card. The paper must be soaked through with the blood and the blood droplets must also fill the same area on the back. No drops of blood must be added to the back!

  • Less than 5 circles were filled – can the sample still be sent?

    Please contact the local distributor of your blood collection set to inquire whether a smaller amount of blood is sufficient for the test relevant to you.

Accompanying video

Read and follow instructions for use. The accompanying video is not a substitute for reading the instructions.

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