Blood collection set

The blood collection set is a sample collection and shipment set for dried capillary blood samples for use in suitable in-vitro diagnostic tests. The procedure can be carried out in a home environment by yourself or by medical professionals.

Read instructions for use carefully. Blood collection has to be performed according to IFU only.

  • Where exactly should I place the lancet when puncturing my fingertip?

    Place the lancet off the center of your fingertip and puncture the side of the tip. For best results, do not puncture your finger tip directly in the center.

  • I was not able to collect enough blood from my fingertip using the first lancet, what should I do?

    Make sure you are well hydrated: drink a large glass of water before following the additional recommendations.

    You can use the second lancet on a different finger. Hold the respective hand under running warm water for a longer amount of time to increase blood flow and follow the steps outlined in the IFU. Make sure to press your disinfected finger on a firm surface, for example a table. Only in this way, proper puncture depth of the lancet can be ensured. After the puncture, don’t forget to massage your hand several times from your wrist in the direction of the puncture site, so that large blood drops can form.

  • Did I fill the circles correctly?

    The 5 circles should be filled as completely as possible within the markings (at least 2 thirds).

    Check the back of the card. Your blood needs to saturate the paper and the blood drops should fill the same area on the back. Do not add blood drops to the back of the card!

  • I have filled less than 5 circles; can I still ship my sample?

     Please contact the local distributor of your blood collection set to inquire whether your test can be performed with a lower sample volume.

Accompanying video

Read and follow instructions for use. The accompanying video is not a substitute for reading the instructions.

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