Company Profile

EUROIMMUN AG produces test systems and automation solutions for medical laboratory diagnostics. The company was founded in September 1987, with its headquarters in Lübeck, Germany. German branches are situated in Gross Groenau near Luebeck (Schleswig-Holstein), Dassow and Selmsdorf (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), Rennersdorf and Bernstadt (Upper Lusatia, Saxony) and in Pegnitz (Upper Franconia, Bavaria).  Moreover, the enterprise has 15 international subsidiaries, covering around 35 countries, and cooperates with more than 60 distributors. Overall, EUROIMMUN distributes its products in about 130 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. The company’s development is shaped by continuous growth. The company offers jobs in more than 60 professions and vocational training in 11 different specific areas. EUROIMMUN has about 2100 employees in Germany and more than 3100 employees worldwide. The company is ISO-certified (EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485/CMDCAS).

As of December 2017, the US American company PerkinElmer, Inc. holds the majority of the EUROIMMUN shares. PerkinElmer is an international leader in the area of medical and biotechnology. The enterprise has its headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts and has 13000 employees worldwide. With innovative detection and imaging techniques and IT systems, it provides comprehensive expertise in diagnostics, medical research and environmental and food analytics. PerkinElmer, Inc. is a component of the S&P 500 Index.

EUROIMMUN has extensive expertise in the fields of immunology, cell biology, histology, biochemistry and molecular biology. It produces test systems for the laboratory diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases, allergies, and for gene analyses. In the foreground are test systems for the determination of antibodies, but also of antigens and genetic markers in patient samples. They are based on both immunohisto-chemical and biochemical methods, such as indirect immunofluorescence, microtiter ELISAs and different blot techniques (Westernblot, EUROASSAY, EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB), and techniques from molecular biology (microarray). EUROIMMUN bases its production on modern, state-of-the-art procedures and microanalysis techniques which partly carry worldwide patents. The company is amongst the leading manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostic products.

Among the initial pioneering achievements of the company was the development of BIOCHIPs (1983). Paper-thin sheets of glass are coated with cells or tissue sections and then cut automatically into millimetre-sized fragments which are subsequently glued onto slides using a fully automated device. The patented BIOCHIP technology allows extreme miniaturisation and standardisation of immunobiochemical analyses. With BIOCHIP Mosaics™ made from 30 or more different organ sections, cell substrates or defined antigens (EUROPLUS™), only minimum incubation efforts are necessary to obtain a detailed antibody profile.

Furthermore, the company commands a broad technology base, which it has drawn on to stimulate and promote fundamental new developments in medical laboratory diagnostics, such as the development of devices and software for the fully automated processing and evaluation of EUROIMMUN tests, for computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy (CAIFM), and software for data management in the laboratory (EUROLabOffice). A further proof of EUROIMMUN’s innovative capacity is the synthesis of recombinant proteins and customised designer antigens in the company-own molecular biochemical laboratories. In the same way as the native antigens, these are purified using state-of-the-art techniques and are used as substrates in the ELISA, line blot (EUROASSAY, EUROLINE) and EUROPLUS™ systems. Other recombinant proteins are expressed in stably transfected cell lines which are used as fast generated, specific substrates for immunofluorescence tests (Recombinant Cell IFT, RC-IFT). In the area of molecular diagnostics, EUROIMMUN develops multiparametric DNA microarrays for the identification of disease-associated gene polymorphisms, tumours, or pathogenic agents.

The Institute for Experimental Immunology is a research institute founded by EUROIMMUN. It focuses on the identification of new, relevant biomarkers. In order to find these, the institute cooperates with international institutes. The research activities often result in diploma and doctoral theses. The EUROIMMUN Academy receives more than 1000 customers and sales staff from 50 nations for training, every year. The guests are taught about the latest research results and developments and trained in the use of the products. The Institute for Quality Assurance, a further institution founded by EUROIMMUN, organises unbiased quality assessments and provides advice in the area of quality management.

The company’s technical expertise is also visible in the affiliated reference laboratory. The diagnostic spectrum of the laboratory encompasses the areas autoimmune diagnostics, infectious serology, serological allergy diagnostics and molecular genetics. Every day, the reference laboratory receives hundreds of patient samples from different countries for clarification of difficult result constellations. As a special service, EUROIMMUN customers can have their results confirmed free of charge.

(As of January 2020)