Autoantibodies against CEP-1



Antibodies against CEP-1 are a supplementary parameter for diagnosis of RA and for research into the pathogenesis and subtyping of the disease. In collaboration with Prof. Venables (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford), a commercial CE-certified Anti-CEP-1 ELISA has been developed, for which EUROIMMUN has an exclusive license. Results from studies demonstrate a sensitivity of 50 % on average and a high specificity of 98 % for the test system. In 2009 it was shown in Nature Genetics that autoantibodies against CEP-1 are associated with a subtype of RA for which smoking is a main risk factor. Further, an association between anti-CEP-1 and Porphyromonas gingivalis infection, one of the main causes of periodontitis, has been reported. Since anti-CEP-1 represents an immune response to a relevant target antigen, the detection of these autoantibodies is better suited for gaining insight into the cause and pathogenesis of RA than CCP2-based test systems. Current studies are investigating whether the determination of autoantibodies against CEP-1 might also be suitable for prognosis about the response to treatment and for monitoring the disease and therapy course.

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Anti-CEP-1 ELISA (IgG)EA 151b G