Antibodies against testis (Leydig cells)

Infertility Mosaic 7

Testis, monkey: antibodies against Leydig cells
  • Detection of antibodies against testis.
  • Indication: gonadal insufficiency, autoimmune polyendocrinopathy.
  • Initial dilution: 1:10, conjugate class anti-human IgAGM, FITC-labelled.
  • Frozen sections of primate testis are used as the substrate for the detection of antibodies against testis.
  • The target antigens of these antibodies are localised in the Leydig cells.
  • A BIOCHIP Mosaic combining the most important autoantigens from reproductive tissues (e.g. ovary, testis, placenta, uterus, spermatozoa) facilitates the diagnosis of autoimmune-associated fertility disorders.
  • Antibodies against testis often occur together with antibodies against other steroid-producing cells (e.g. adrenal cortex or ovarian cells) as part of a polyendocrinopathy.

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