Autoantibodies against mitochondria (AMA)

EUROPLUS kidney (rat) and M2 antigen

Rat kidney and M2 BIOCHIP: antibodies against mitochondria, type AMA M2
  • Screening test for the detection of antibodies against mitochondria (AMA) including simultaneous confirmation of the subtype AMA M2.
  • Indication: primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC).
  • Initial dilution 1 : 100; conjugate anti-human IgG, FITC-labelled.
  • Rat kidney is the standard substrate for detecting anti-mitochondrial antibodies. Nine AMA types (M1 to M9) can be differentiated.
  • The BIOCHIP coated with M2 permits monospecific confirmation of antibodies against the native pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the recombinant M2 fusion protein (BPO) in one single test procedure, thus a PBC can be diagnosed serologically with confidence.
  • This BIOCHIP Mosaic can be supplemented as required using additional substrates, e.g. HEp-2 cells (ANA, nuclear dots), rat liver (liver-kidney microsomes, LKM) or rat stomach (ASMA).
ProductOrder number
EUROPLUS kidney (rat) and M2 antigenFA 1620-3


  • Differentiation of mitochondrial antibodies (AMA).
  • Indication: primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC).
  • Serum dilution 1 : 101; conjugate class anti-human IgG, POD-labelled.
  • Antibodies against M2 can be determined quantitatively in RU/ml.
  • Antigen: native pyruvate dehydrogenase complex plus recombinant M2 fusion protein (BPO) containing the immunogenic domains of the E2 subunits of PDH, BCOADH and OGDH.
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Anti-M2-3E ELISAEA 1622 G

    EUROLINE: Profile Autoimmune Liver Diseases

    Incubated EUROLINE Profile Autoimmune Liver Diseases
    • Differentiation of antibodies in autoimmune liver diseases.
    • Indications: autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, overlap syndromes.
    • Serum dilution 1 : 101, conjugate class anti-human IgG, AP-labelled.
    • With the EUROLINE Profile Autoimmune Liver Diseases, nine autoantibodies can be determined: antibodies against AMA M2, M2-3E (BPO), Sp100, PML, gp210, LKM-1, LC-1, SLA/LP and Ro-52.
    • Test strips can be automatically incubated and evaluated using the systems EUROBlotMaster, EUROBlotOne, and EUROLineScan.
    Anti-Associated diseases
    M2, Sp100, PML, gp210Primary biliary cirrhosis
    LKM-1, SLA/LP,LC-1Autoimmune hepatitis
    Ro-52Autoimmune hepatitis, rheumatic diseases

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    EUROLINE Profile Autoimmune Liver Diseases
    (separate: AMA-M2, M2-3E, Sp100, PML, gp210, LKM-1, LC-1, SLA\/LP, Ro-52)
    DL 1300-4 G

    EUROASSAY: AMA Profile M2, M4, M9

    • Differentiation of mitochondrial antibodies (AMA).
    • Indication: primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC).
    • Serum dilution 1 : 101; conjugate class anti-human IgGM, AP-labelled.
    • 3 relevant mitochondrial antibodies can be detected simultaneously and monospecifically: antibodies against M2, M4, M9.
    • Native antigens: pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (M2), sulfite oxidase (M4), glycogen phosphorylase (M9). 
    Anti-Associated diseases
    M2Primary biliary cirrhosis (high titer), other chronic liver diseases
    M4Primary biliary cirrhosis 
    M9Early phase of primary biliary cirrhosis 


    ProductOrder number
    EUROASSAY AMA Profile M2, M4, M9DA 1620-1