Molecular allergology

Defined Partial Allergen Diagnostics (DPA-Dx)

  • Determination of specific IgE against single allergen components in serum
  • Indication: ambiguous evidence, suspicion of multiple sensitizations or insufficient therapy success
  • Improves the risk assessment for severe reactions (anaphylaxis) and the choice of an optimal therapy
  • High quality of allergen components due to strict quality controls during the in-house production
  • Customized profiles designed for indication-specific analysis: multiple pollen, insect venom and pediatric allergies
  • Internal CCD marker enables differentiation between true poly-sensitizations and cross-reactions due to carbohydrates
  • Determination of the patient’s suitability for specific immunotherapy by identifying the allergy inducing component
  • Limited hands-on-time: fast and easy manual processing or highly efficient semi- and fully-automated processing using EUROBlotOne, EUROBlotMaster and EUROLineScan

Insect Venoms


Food Allergies (Pediatrics)


Pollen Southern Europe