Multiplex immunoblots

EUROLINE: specific IgE

  • Determination of allergen-specific IgE in serum
  • Analysis of sensitizations against inhalation, food and insect venom allergens or cross-reactions  
  • Low amounts of serum sufficient (100-400 µl)
  • Simultaneous detection of specific IgE against up to 54 single allergens within one incubation  
  • Customized profiles: Broad spectrum of indication- and region-specific profiles available
  • Molecular allergy diagnostics based on allergen-component resolved analysis for precise determination of the allergy trigger
  • Internal CCD marker enables differentiation between true poly-sensitizations and cross-reactivities due to carbohydrates
  • Limited hands-on-time: fast and easy manual processing or highly efficient semi- and fully-automated processing using  EUROBlotOne, EUROBlotMaster und EUROLineScan