CSF diagnostics

ELISA test systems for detection of specific intrathecal antibody synthesis

  • Simple, efficient and standardised automation – new: dilution of CSF directly in the microplate minimises sample volumes and reduces costs
  • Excel spreadsheet for automated calculation and evaluation of results
  • Excellent agreement with quality assessment results (INSTAND)
  • CSF/serum control pair available for all parameters
  • 4- or 6-point calibration curve ensures high accuracy.
  • Computer-supported evaluation with EUROIMMUN CSF software (a component of EUROLabOffice)

ProductOrder number
Anti-Borrelia PLUS VlsE ELISA (IgG) EI 2132-9601-L G *
Anti-Borrelia ELISA (IgM) EI 2132-9601-L M *
Anti-CMV ELISA (IgG) EI 2570-9601-L G
Anti-EBV-CA ELISA (IgG) EI 2791-9601-L G
Anti-HSV-1/2 Pool ELISA (IgG) EI 2531-9601-1 L G *
Anti-Measles Virus ELISA (IgG) EI 2610-9601-L G *
Anti-Mumps Virus ELISA (IgG) EI 2630-9601-L G
Anti-Rubella Virus ELISA (IgG) EI 2590-9601-L G *
Anti-TBE Virus ELISA (IgG) EI 2661-9601-L G
Anti-TBE Virus ELISA (IgM) EI 2661-9601-L M
Anti-Toxoplasma gondii ELISA (IgG) EI 2410-9601-L G
Anti-Treponema pallidum ELISA (IgG) EI 2111-9601-L G
Anti-VZV ELISA (IgA / IgG) EI 2650-9601-L A / G *

*Additional calibrators (included in test kits, optional use) increase the measurement range, thereby reducing the number of dilutions/incubations.

Antigen ELISA for detection of CXCL13 in CSF in neuroborreliosis

  • First CE-labelled test
  • Early-phase marker for acute neuroborreliosis: high concentrations of CXCL13 can often be detected already at the start of illness  – often before antibodies against Borrelia are detectable
  • Disease course marker: the CXCL13 concentration in CSF drops rapidly with successful antibiotic treatment
  • Differentiation between acute and past neuroborreliosis: a pathological ASI/LSQrel indicates in combination with
    - a low CXCL13 concentration in CSF – acute neuroborreliosis unlikely
    - a high CXCL13 concentration in CSF – acute neuroborreliosis very likely  
  • 6 calibrators and 2 controls included in test.

ProductOrder number

Blot test system for the detection of Borrelia-specific intrathecal antibodies

Incubated Anti-Borrelia EUROLINE-RN-AT
  • Broad antigen spectrum
  • Consistent dilution factor for CSF (1 : 4) — no complicated calculations necessary
  • Short incubation times (test result after around 300 min)
  • Low sample volume for CSF (250 µl)
  • Automated processing with EUROBlotMaster or EUROBlotOne (incubation adapted for CSF/serum pair)
  • Computer-supported evaluation with EUROLineScan (available from EUROIMMUN).

ProductOrder number
Anti-Borrelia EUROLINE-RN-AT (IgG) DN 2131 G
Anti-Borrelia EUROLINE-RN-AT-adv (IgG)DN 2131-2 M