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Benefit from our combined expertise in allergy diagnostics and chemiluminescence immunoassay (ChLIA) technology. The goal of our journey together: TO build a trusted partnership for a reliable and easy allergy diagnostics routine.

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Find out more about what other diagnostic laboratories value about their partnership with us and which characteristics of the IDS-iSYS system have convinced them.

Testimonial Dr. Caroline Klingebiel

Dr. Caroline Klingebiel, clinical pathologist and allergologist at the laboratory group SYNLAB Provence as well as a member of the scientific council and coordinator of the allergy biology group of the Société Française d‘Allergologie

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Testimonial Dr. Marc Dangers

Dr. Marc Dangers, Head of Product and Lab, cerascreen

Read the whole interview here:

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Our service promise

Our specialists work hand in hand to always ensure a smooth process, bringing together knowledge right where it is needed!

How we support you in the introduction of our IDS-iSYS system:

  • Contact us for personalised advice on the tests and workflow solutions that are best suited to your needs
  • To ensure an optimal workflow, we will train your employees and offer personal assistance at your laboratory site
  • You will receive targeted support from specialist technicians and engineers
  • Our own application specialists will perform annual routine maintenance and upgrades

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Benefit from our joint focus on high-quality automation solutions and test systems and receive an optimal selection of assays for the detection of specific IgE against the most frequent and relevant allergens based on allergen components and extracts.

The assay portfolio

Discover the tests that are best suited to your needs from the following areas:

Allergen Allergen code Order number
Egg white – Gallus spp. F001 IS-1F001
Egg yolk – Gallus spp. F075 IS-1F075
nGal d 1 – Gallus domesticus F233 IS-1F233
Hen’s egg – Gallus spp. F245 IS-1F245
Cow’s milk – Bos spp. F002 IS-1F002
Alpha-lactalbumin – Bos spp. F076 IS-1F076
Beta-lactoglobulin – Bos spp. F077 IS-1F077
Casein – Bos spp. F078 IS-1F078
Fish & shellfish
Fish (Cod) – Gadus spp. F351 IS-1F003
Mussel – Mytilus spp. F037 IS-1F037
rPen a 1 – Penaeus aztecus F351 IS-1F351
Kiwi – Actinidia spp. F084 IS-1F084
rMal d 1 – Malus domestica F434 IS-1F434
Legumes, nuts & seeds
Peanut – Arachis hypogaea F013 IS-1F013
Soybean – Glycine max F014 IS-1F014
Hazelnut – Corylus avellana F017 IS-1F017
Almond – Amygdalus communis F020 IS-1F020
Cashew nut – Anacardium occidentale F202 IS-1F202
Pistachio – Pistacia vera F203 IS-1F203
Walnut – Juglans spp. F256 IS-1F256
nAra h 2 – Arachis hypogaea F423 IS-1F423
rAra h 9 – Arachis hypogaea F427 IS-1F427
rCor a 1 – Corylus avellana F428 IS-1F428

Allergen Allergen code Order number
House dust mite – Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus D001 IS-1D001
House dust mite – Dermatophagoides farinae D002 IS-1D002
rDer p 1 – Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus D202 IS-1D202
rDer p 2 – Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus D203 IS-1D203
rDer p 10 – Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus D205 IS-1D205
Cat dander – Felis domesticus E001 IS-1E001
Horse dander – Equus spp. E003 IS-1E003
Dog dander – Canis spp. E005 IS-1E005
nFel d 1 – Felis domesticus E094 IS-1E094
nCan f 1 – Canis familiaris E101 IS-1E101
Grass pollens
Sweet vernal grass – Anthoxanthum odoratum G001 IS-1G001
Bermuda grass – Cynodon dactylon G002 IS-1G002
Cocksfoot – Dactylis glomerata G003 IS-1G003
Meadow fescue – Festuca elatior G004 IS-1G004
Rye grass – Lolium perenne G005 IS-1G005
Timothy grass – Phleum pratense G006 IS-1G006
Common reed – Phragmites communis G007 IS-1G007
Meadow grass – Poa pratensis G008 IS-1G008
Cultivated rye – Secale cereale G012 IS-1G012
Velvet grass – Holcus lanatus G013 IS-1G013
Cultivated oat – Avena sativa G014 IS-1G014
Cultivated wheat – Triticum aestivum G015 IS-1G015
Barley – Hordeum vulgare G201 IS-1G201
rPhl p 1 – Phleum pratense G205 IS-1G205
rPhl p 1, rPhl p 5b – Phleum pratense G213 IS-1G213
rPhl p 5b – Phleum pratense G215 IS-1G215
Grass mix 3 – Pooideae (incl. G001, G005, G006, G012, G013) GX03 IS-1GX03
Tree pollens
Alder – Alnus glutinosa T002 IS-1T002
Birch – Betula verrucosa T003 IS-1T003
Hazel – Corylus avellana T004 IS-1T004
Olive – Olea europaea T009 IS-1T009
Ash – Fraxinus excelsior T025 IS-1T025
rBet v 1 – Betula verrucosa T215 IS-1T215
rBet v 2 – Betula verrucosa T216 IS-1T216
rOle e 1 – Olea europaea T224 IS-1T224
Aspergillus fumigatus M003 IS-1M003
Alternaria alternata M006 IS-1M006
rAlt a 1 – Alternaria alternata M229 IS-1M229
Weed pollens
Common ragweed – Ambrosia artemisiifolia W001 IS-1W001
Mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris W006 IS-1W006
Plantain – Plantago lanceolata W009 IS-1W009
nAmb a 1 – Ambrosia artemisiifolia W230 IS-1W230
nArt v 1 – Artemisia vulgaris W231 IS-1W231

Allergen Allergen code Order number
Honey bee – Apis mellifera I001 IS-1I001
Wasp – Vespula spp. I003 IS-1I003

Allergen Allergen code Order number
Latex – Hevea brasiliensis K082 IS-1K082

Product Order number
IDS Total / Specific IgE Reagent Kit IS-1TIGE900
IDS Total IgE Control Set IS-1TIGE930
IDS Positive Specific IgE Control (F003) Cod IS-1G006-30
IDS Positive Specific IgE Control (G006) Timothy Grass IS-1F003-30
IDS Negative Specific IgE Control (F003 / G006) Cod / Timothy Grass IS-1SIGE930

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Our singleplex assays are complemented by our multiplex EUROLINE system. For more information, contact us:

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We are constantly expanding our range of ChLIAs

– always considering the seasonal and regional nature of allergens as well as the clinical relevance of these allergens. Allow us to keep you up-to-date with latest developments in our ChLIA allergy portfolio!

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